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  • New Artists

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Independent record label and publishing company. New Artists, New Music, New Record Label Vision, Imprimiss.

Imprimiss Record Label New Music New Artists

At Imprimiss, artists benefit a unique full  representation agreement through our very own designed 50/50 deal. Our catalogs are exclusive to Imprimiss and available for licensing, and the best part?, it's all in house!

Looking for some new music?. Check out some of our new artists and their music, they would love to hear from you.

Imprimiss Record Label

Imprimiss Production. Canadian based record label, production and publishing company. Originally founded in 2006, Imprimiss was the rebirth of a previous entity who decided to set new visions and goals in March of 2014 as Imprimiss Production. Signing artists to its very own designed 50/50 agreement, Imprimiss levels the artists playing field while correcting some music industry issues in one move. Imprimiss is independent in all aspects including, investors, financially and its music catalog. Our roster is growing and we have new music, new artists, new singles and new albums being added steadily. Our Genres of music and new music being added include Alternative, Rock, Pop, Hiphop, R&B, Blues, Reggae, Singer-Songwriter, Metal, Country, EDM, Dance, Ambient or Sound and growing. As a record label we aim to find, produce and share new music and new artists with our music listeners and music industry partners as in film music supervisors and promotional media companies. We license all our music directly as our record label holds 100% assignment of all rights making it seamless and easy to acquire any rights at any time.

Music Publishing

We are a registered publishing company and expanding slowly, but surely, with an out of the box thinking dynamic. We use steady goals and commitments in working with our catalogs, new music and new artists. Our publishing reach is a mix use of sole and sub publishing agreements held with various organizations both small and large globally. Currently, music publishing is only available to artists signed to the record label. We are working on outside the record label publishing programs to help new artists or new music gain some attention and momentum that are not part of the record label's roster.

Artists Representation

There is no limit when it comes to representation of our artists under our 50/50 artist agreement, in fact, we go way beyond that. We look for and manage all parts and opportunities while overseeing our artist's development and career in all contract agreements, touring, use of brand, producing, composing, acting, collaborations, royalties and a slew of other areas and we're always developing new possibilities. We find it exciting and fun in finding and representing our artists, new artists, new music and being a part of that growth.

Music Licensing and Rights

All catalogs are published, copy-written and managed at Imprimiss Production. We mix most of our audio, but master all audio in our catalogs to ensure high quality content. Some catalogs cater perfectly to music supervisors complete with notations, information and properly grouped stems for film or other. We also work with engineers or re-recording engineers in creating custom requested stems to suit, on specific catalogs where possible. We are steadily adding new artists and new music to our music catalog. All music rights and music publishing clearances are managed and distributed here at Imprimiss Production including artist branding and use of in any format or media.

Artists Booking Division

Our catalog artists are solely managed by Imprimiss. We also have artists we work with on our roster not signed to our firm. Imprimiss has a long history in live performances, talent buying and providing talent to venues or events with solid advice and shows that work. In proven relationship building methods, we pride ourselves in our dynamic way of connecting artists and establishments or events together with music.

Music Audio Production

At Imprimiss, our artists get full advice on composing, recording and complete access to our mixing, mastering services. We do provide editing, mixing and mastering in just about all genres for just about any project as a service. We work with a handful of composers directly in providing arrangements, compositions, song and lyric writing to suit scores, short film, advertising, artist catalogs or other. We love working with new artists and new music in finding that sound or image be it singles or albums.

Get in Touch

Contact Imprimiss Production, Canada

Imprimiss Production.

Surrey, British Columbia. Canada.

A&R and Label Director - Braven Isusius

General Inquires: info [at] imprimiss [dot] ca

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Artists and Music Licensing, Production and Business Inquires

Sound editing, mixing and mastering inquires, please send to: engineers [at] imprimiss [dot] ca

Artist inquires, music licensing, media, publishing or other business matters relating to Imprimiss, or, our current catalog, please direct your request to:

braven [at] imprimiss [dot] ca

At the moment

We do not accept physical demos from artists or other.

Should you be interested in Imprimiss, send a single direct link to your music so that we may have a listen. You (or group of) must have full ownership over your music. Do not attach any files to the email, a single link only. Please use:

info [at] imprimiss [dot] ca