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Surrey, British Columbia. Canada.

A&R Representative - Braven Isusius

braven [at] imprimiss [dot] ca

General Artist Inquires,  about music, shows, tickets, merchandise, news or other.

info [at] imprimiss [dot] ca

Artist  Licensing and Business Inquires

Artist inquires regarding AIOA's music catalog, sync licensing, media, publishing or other business matters relating to AIOA, please direct your request to

braven [at] imprimiss [dot] ca

Aioa distribution Summary


GENRE - R&B/Soul, Reggae

MEMBERS - Ricardo Cunningham, Clive Hemmings, Troy Bardowell, Shakir Scarlette

SINGLES - 1 singles


RECORD LABEL - Imprimiss Production Canada

PUBLISHING - Imprimiss Production Canada

ALL RIGHTS - Imprimiss Production Canada