80's rock music time warp with Queensbury Row


Queensbury Row

80's rock music time warp with Queensbury Row

A five piece band that was kicking out great music during the mid-eighties a long side many great acts at that time. Through change, multiple projects, life’s way of throwing things at you, Queensbury Row had left trail of recorded music on systems, tape, computers and other gadgets. Considering how great some of these tacks are and through discussion with Imprimiss and the member’s, it was decided to pull the songs out of hiding and release them one by one. Imprimiss took in the tracks and where possible remixed the ones that had studio session tracks from that time (Remixing by Ted Tossoff and Braven Isusius) and all tracks are mastered by Braven Isusius at Imprimiss Production.

“Queensbury Row had never put out any music during those days so this was the first anyone would hear about their music in the markets. Most members are still active in other projects or other music related endeavors, services, or some other thing or another. Thirty years plus later and here we are releasing true 80’s music for the first time, it’s like a friken time warp and we love it” ~Braven Isusius – Director, A&R at Imprimiss.

The latest four song EP “Flash Back” is now out and you can get a sample of what is to come. Just follow the link to our store and relevant links are there as well as Spotify player.

The lineup during 1986 to 1987 consisted of, 

Ted Tosoff - Voxs/Writer (current music project TheBlueVoodoo, producer, composer), 
Robin Leboe - Keys/Voxs/Gtr/Writer (Currently part of Sessionwire), 
Brian Esplen - Gtr/Vox/Writer (Currently Retired), 
Brad Uchida - Bass/Vox (The Hip Show – Tragically Hip tribute band
Brian Sharp - Drums (misc bands).

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