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Imprimiss Artist's Music Playlist on Spotify, Our Complete Catalogue

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We hope you find something in your fancy as we believe music discovery is the cool part, the rush.



Imprimiss Music Collaboration Playlist. Open To Anyone, Any Artist or Genre.

Anyone can add one to four tracks from the same artist to the collaboration playlist.

Imprimiss uses this playlist to cross promote great artists and music and help build awareness to the music on the playlist. So follow artists, save songs, share playlist and enjoy listening.

We aim to give the end user, the listener, the lover of music, an abundance of choice to maybe finding something really cool they might like, by mistake perhaps, which is always a nice way to stumble upon something new.

Much love and respect from all of us at Imprimiss and artists on our Spotify collaboration playlist.



This playlist will be cleaned up or modified from time to time. It could be for a variety of reasons, to much of something or bad language issues, content we feel does not fit well, abuse matters from submitter or other, or any other similar reasons. Maybe, we are having a bad day and just felt like it :0) (just kidding on the last one).

Enjoy, we hope listeners fine something cool they like.