UAD | Neptune Lyrics

There's a man on the table
He said his name was Fred
His story was a fable
Of how his friends were dead

He ran from all his troubles
And now he's in my house
He sits right on the table
Quiet as a mouse

There's a girl in my window
She said her name was dawn
Her story was my favorite
Of men who'd come and gone

She ran from all her troubles
And now she's in my house
She's perched up in my window
Quiet as a mouse

Why Neptune Why
Did you spare these lives?
Of all the broken people
Who weren't very wise

Kept them up and running
Far out of sight
With nothing left to live for
But bright blue Neptune eyes

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Unarmed and Dangerous.

Richmond, British Columbia. Canada.

A&R Representative - Braven Isusius

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UAD distribution Summary

ARTIST - Unarmed and Dangerous or UAD

GENRE - Alternative Rock, Rock, Indie

MEMBERS - Jarel Geis, Angus Doyle

SINGLES - 3 singles

ALBUMS - Full album coming out late 2016

RECORD LABEL - Imprimiss Production Canada

PUBLISHING - Imprimiss Production Canada

ALL RIGHTS - Imprimiss Production Canada